The skin around our eyes

They say that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Unfortunately, the eyes area often exposes the problematic aspects of our psyche: lack of sleep, worries and, of course, signs of ageing.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and therefore very prone to wrinkles and it is very affected by age. As we age the skin around the eyes loses the natural fat layer and becomes more and more thin. The blink of our eyes (which we do tens of thousands of times a day) greatly accelerates the ageing of the skin.

The cosmetic products, especially the cosmetic eye cream, are designed to prevent wrinkles around the eyes and actually provide the skin with the fat it lacks by moisture. Specialised remedies should also address the problems of "bags" under the eyes and dark circles.


How will we know which eye cream suits us specifically? Should I choose a cream according to the company I prefer on the other products? Is it worth buying such a cream? 

Initial assessment – you should buy eye cream for at least the important interest of the moisture that is missing to the skin, there is almost no doubt about it. The dark circles or bags sometimes require a deeper cream or serum that contains active substances designed to treat pigmentation in order to sense significant differences. But in any case, a good moisturising cream, will prevent deterioration and rapid tissue destruction.

Cultivation is a very individual matter, and we will not forget about the subject of genetics … but there is no doubt that there is great pleasure and self-esteem in our side. Eye cream before bed leaves a very pleasant and soft feeling that contributes to the renewal of delicate and important skin that can affect the overall appearance of our face.