Our skin 9 cool facts about it:

Some nice facts about our skin:

  1. When you clean dust, give it a slightly different attitude because part of it is you. Yes, dust is partly made up of our dead skin, which brings us to the following fact …
  1. On average we shed 0.7 kg of skin per year and about 47 kg of skin during a 70-year lifetime!!
  1. Our skin renews all the time and basically it changes itself every 27-28 days – in fact each month you are getting a new and improved version of you.
  1. Our skin has an important role in maintaining the temperature of our body – if it is hot, it running the sweat glands to cool us and when it is cold it shrinks the veins to prevent our blood to cool and thus helps maintaining the warmth of our bodies.


  1. 15% of our body weight is the skin and maybe not many know this but the heart, lungs and liver are organs but so as our skin. It is considered the largest organ in our body.


  1. Changes in our skin can indicate our medical condition, we recommend checking it out for frequent times.
  1. A Damaged skin area will be restored as scar tissue, which does not contain sweat glands or hair.


  1. What determines the color of our skin is the amount of melanin secreted from our body – more melanin darker, less = lighter.


  1. Melanin protects our bodies from radiation, so when exposed to the sun, melanin is secreted in larger quantities and this is what is called tanning


Our skin is a wonderful organ, and it is important to look and feel healthy