Shea Butter, Skin's Favorite Dish

Did you think that Butter is found only in the kitchen?

Think again!

Usually when you think of butter, it is related to mashed potatoes, crispy croissant or pastry … But in fact, there are other much more interesting butters… These types of butters are actually applied topically on the skin rather than spread on a nice slice of bread…

The most beneficial butter of all, is of course the Shea Butter. Extracted from the oil-rich seed, which is found inside the Shea fruit, it originates from natural and exotic African nut, and holds record-breaking effects on the skin.

The Shea Butter is produced by cold pressing which best preserves its natural oils concentration. It is composed of 45% fatty acids and 10% protein! This uniquely high concentration of nutrients along with the consistent composition of the Shea, makes it a very suitable for high quality, natural skincare and cosmetics products;

* Great for calming sensitive and irritated skin

* Effective sun protection.

* Mature skin firming and smoothing wrinkles by assuring prolonged humidity.

* Cleans pores

* Revives and returns youthful glow

* Simulates the skin around the eyes

* helps in diminishment of pigmentation

* Provids a high concentration of nutrients also suitable for dry skin, lips and babies.

* Treats skin rash, cracked and rough skin, burns, allergies and bites

* Effective for prevention and diminishment of stretch marks on the skin

* Great for greasing the scalp and dry hair

* Helps to prevent formation of dandruff

* Restores hair burnt edges

* Provides protection against coloring, hair drying

The Shea butter is close to the human vernix in its chemical composition (the wax that wraps fetuses in the womb). It is easily absorbed and deeply nourishes the inner skin layers, leaving a protective layer of soft velvety touch and stroke. The Butter does not clogs the pores, yet provides significant lightning, vitality and radiance to the skin. In conclusion, the Sea Butter offers superb nutrition for the skin and hair, and it is especially important for preventive care against aging of the skin. The routine usage of skincare products that contain Shea Butter can dramatically improve the texture, appearance and health of the skin for the long term.

So next time you enjoy your buttered popcorn or roasted toast, remember that some butters are not only tasty, but actually really good for your health and beauty.