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Our uniqueness lies in the combination of advanced science and futuristic technology with ancient knowledge and rich experience.


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Nature is the genesises and absolutist source of everything that is healthy.

The Premium Facial Skin

BriAA‘s powerful Day Cream neutralizes and dramatically delays the appearance and formation of aging symptoms. The unique HL-PAS Complex broadly protects the skin against harmful environmental aggressors which are responsible for accelerated aging, especially UVA & UVB radiation and free radicals, whilst at the same time, it revitalizes and regenerates skin reconstruction mechanisms to decrease the weakening of the connective tissue (Dermis). The upper skin layer is dependent upon the Dermis’s density and capability to support it. With age, the matrix functionality is decreased, thereby the skin becomes loose, inelastic and wrinkled.

Hyaluronic acid in the hair ?! Yes!

HairStrong Molecular Set: Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask for intense Repair- Special Price

NO Sodium Chloride, NO Formaldehyde, No Sulfates, No Parabens

The Set :

  1. The Conditioner improves overall quality and appearance of the hair as it increases flexibility and strength and reduces frizz while intensively softening the hair providing silky smooth touch.
  2. BriAA’s one-of-a-kind Molecular Shampoo is the most effective yet gentle way to make sure your hair and scalp are essentially clean and purged.
  3. A dynamic Mask, that works intensively to restore flexibility, strength and shine. Hair Care is transformed into precise scientific formulation with BriAA’s breakthrough technology.

BriAA’s Quantum Leap in Hair Care, 7 in 1!

  1. Optimal hydration
  2. Natural volume
  3. Anti-frizz
  4. Suppleness
  5. intensive shininess
  6. Anti-pollution
  7. Restoration

Meet our innovative complex

Briaa's uniqueness

Meet the masterpiece of Briaa – Holy-Land Phyto Active Synergy Complex

Holy-Land Phyto Active Synergy Complex

A phyto-active complex synergetic from the Holy Land.

An exclusive blend of phytoactive ingredients with thousands of years of documented use. A synergistic combination of beneficial nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, Dead Sea minerals, concentrated vitamins and powerful antioxidants, natural and pure.

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Hair restoration Line

Women Shares Their Experience With Briaa's Hair mask ,With Hyaluronic Acid and Amazing Smell All Hair Types


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