Download full version of BriAA’s Compensation Plan
Download short version of BriAA’s Compensation Plan

What is NOT included in BRIAA’s offer:

  • Low startup costs.($199)
  • No collateral investments.
  • No inventory and expenses.
  • No pressure and liabilities.
  • No fixed schedule.
  • No one decides for you!

What IS included in BRIAA’s offer?

  • Flexibility. You are your own boss, the ability to manage your time and effort is in your hands.
  • Immediate job. Advanced on-line arena for you to manage your own business.
  • Passive income from the activity of your organization of consultants.
  • Opportunity to meet people and to collaborate for maximum growth.
  • Set an example, to teach and guide others to succeed.
  • Personal growth and the development of inner high values.
  • Recognition, Appreciation, Respect and Pride.