Multi-Level Marketing is based on sales and marketing through social connections without the need for shelf space and retail costs. Every individual who lives in a society, talks to friends, family and acquaintances and who is used to recommend good opportunities and products that come across his way and benefit him, and vice versa- a person who identifies positive changes in his friend, will surely seek to enjoy a quality and efficient product that may pose a solution for him as well. He would certainly be interested in trying, and if that person has good wishes, he will also recommend it to others. This is a simple and effective dynamics of the community. Inherent mechanism in humans. Network marketing does not need more than that. Aggressive selling is not appropriate and is usually the reason for unflattering reputation, which is sometimes associated with the profession.

Network marketing allows anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, education and economic means to set up their own businesses and develop it directly correlated with the degree of investment of time and efforts they so choose. Ranging from several hours per week to full-time career development, depending solely on willingness to learn and improve, everyone is able to grow and achieve goals with integrity, honesty and hard work.

A very large proportion of the price of traditional marketing product, is intended to finance the marketing chain; rental costs, publicity, distribution stores, shops commissions, etc.,  while network marketing delivers the product directly to the end customer, does not rely on advertising and the distribution is not territorially restricted. These savings on expenses will be awarded directly to the distributors themselves.

In fact, network marketing companies give all the money saved by the lack of top earners officials, shelf space, etc., and invest it in the people themselves. Most importantly, they promote financial freedom and the opportunity to manage a self-owned business without expenses or risks.

Still, it is no secret that many people experience an initial discomfort with the revolutionary concept of network marketing. In fact, it is perfectly natural to suspect or avoid what we do not know and that undermines everything we think we know and have been trained and taught about the world of business since childhood.

Sometimes it’s just the thought of doing business with friends and family that is not easy for us. But we tend to forget that we are involved in network marketing, every single day. Every recommendation we give to a loved one, every time someone expresses interest in something we tried and enjoyed, we share the information about the product or service that we got familiarized with ourselves, such that has a solution to a problem we experienced, we motivate to action.

However, when such person listens to us, and acts in accordance with our recommendation, and buys the product in the store, the money paid for a solution that helped him, is directed to the wrong sources. He enters the trap of store commissions, high management fees and advertising campaigns designed to get us to buy more and more products, paying more than the true value of the product we consume.

Is it not more righteous that the person who generated the sale of the product, who found a good solution to someone else’s need, will indeed be rewarded? And if it is a friend or family member is it not twice as good? If indeed a product was purchased due to its qualities, why will it not reward whoever is responsible for the recommendation?

Such simple and smart equation. Not without cause, has Network Marketing became a wanted and accessible profession showing consistently and stable massive growth all over the world.

Network marketing allows any person to enjoy the benefits of the business world as an independent, without the disadvantages of the obsolete method of franchising, which involves initial investment and a lot of money to operate, imposes numerous obligations and makes you chase returns whilst the earning potential is often still out of sight.

Network marketing is the greatest gift to mankind as social beings. The social relationships we create every day, every hour, in every situation and in every context, are of great significance and have far-reaching consequences. Our social relationships hold the key to our personal success.

One of the most significant developments of our time is the concept of social networks. Their magnitude is unlimited. We see the thriving new communities being formed every day on social networks around the world – truly an evolutionary leap.

Contrary to the claims made regarding the isolation and loneliness that technology creates, rather today than ever before, it is the same technology that raises and increases the social momentum to new peaks. Today technology is constantly evolving due to the public’s real need to create human connections. Today social networks are the most realistic place to be. People get together, connect, gather and do business easily all over the world. Internet and social media is a huge platform that moves the world of MLM into the center of global economy. From being a minor player, this field of business keeps expanding and continues to be meaningful, with immense global economic importance.

Network marketing allows you to be the master of your fate. The power is in your hands, to shape your life and determine your personal prosperity as leveraging your investment of time and efforts. This is the business world of the future. The Future in the marketing world is not in the billboards- remote and grandiose, but in the personal relationships, social networks and within communities. BriAA promotes these values ​​and creates strong social fabric that embodies the values ​​of reaching out and helping others, giving without taking. Meaningful life full of love and inspiration and self-fulfillment.

Multi-Level – Information

Network-marketing is consistently growing and it the past decade, it has risen by more than 91%.
There are more than 2,000 network-marketing companies out there.
The market share of network-marketing has passed the threshold of US Dollars 100 billion worldwide.
There are 55 million independent advisors worldwide, 16 million of which are in the US.
In US alone, the turnover of network-marketing is US Dollars 31 billion each year, and as many as 175,000 new advisors are joining in daily.
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