Special offer our Preferred Customers!

Get only 4 new people to join as BriAA’s Preferred Customers, and get the revolutionary Instant Lifting Serum- EXPRESSION – FREE!

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BriAA’s Members Club is perfect for customers who simply wish to enjoy the products on a regular basis, and are not necessarily interested in building a business

BriAA’s Preferred Customers enjoy unique benefits, special offers, discounts and Loyalty Points

BriAA’S Loyalty Program Explained in Under 60 Seconds

Permanent Discount

10% off retail price on all purchases.

Loyalty Points

BriAA’s exclusive program allows for Preferred Customers only to earn BriAA’s Loyalty Points equivalent to 20% of all purchases, based on their QV*. When the accumulated Points reach the value of full price of one of BriAA’s products to the member’s choice, then she is entitled to receive free product using the BriAA Loyalty Points. (not includeing shipping costs if exists)

Referrals are Rewarded

30 bonus points for referrals are rewarded to a Preferred Customer whenever they refer other Preferred Customers.


For example, Mickey, a Preferred Customer, regularly purchases BriAA’s products at 10% off retail price.
Mickey recommended four of his friends to join as Preferred Customers as well, Mickey is entitled to receive 30 bonus points for each member in total of 120 points which grants him a free Expression. (he also gets 20% In points, on every purchase he makes)
As soon as the value of his accumulated points reach full product price, they may may be exercised
Point’s accumulation is not limited in time and number of products purchased.

There are three alternative enrollment methods:

  • Purchase a Royal System.
  • Enrollment fee of $29.
  • Subscribe to our Automatic Shipment Program (Autoship).
Auto Shipment Program