BriAA’s Vision is to Inspire Life.

We aim to reach one goal. It is to serve humanity as a leading force of positivity, health and self-worthiness. We thrive to motivate people to become consciously present, active and leaders of their life by example. to be a beacon of health, beauty and independence in their community.
Aware of the endless possibilities to fulfil the potential of life and manifest what is hidden within. To wish, to dream, to act, to create, to B.


We’re All About CREATION.

While everyone searches for the fountain of youth, we concentrate on upgrading quality of life. Science provides us longer years, but nature makes them vital. Beauty is not driven by youth, it is the mere reflection of our inner health. What’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest?!

We focus on healthy living, emerging beauty from the inside out. “It isn’t lifespan that we should worry about. It’s healthspan”. Batia Shneerson


BriAA ignites the most significant topic of our time.

BriAA relays on 40 years of experience in manufacturing and developing natural formulations. Providing unparalleled solutions and of pursuing health span rather than lifespan. The natural way has been our way from the very beginning and it is the only way for us. What’s your way?


Meet BriAA’s superior Holy-Land Phyto Active Synergy Complex HL-PAS

An exclusive blend of Holy-Land derived phyto-active ingredients with thousand years of documented use. A synergetic combination of highly beneficial nutrients including Hyaluronic Acid, Dead Sea minerals, concentrated vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants, all natural and pure.

Cream on Face


We come from the Holy-Land. It is imbedded in our identities, it is a part of who we are.

We believe that the Holy-Land is unique, it holds extraordinary spiritual energy of life, purity and holiness.

We also believe that it is our mission to share it with the world and make it reality for millions to walk through the old city of Jerusalem and feel the energy flowing within.

It is life changing.

Batia Shneerson
Batia ShneersonCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Having great skills and considerable knowledge in practical training and teaching, along with her love of writing and public speaking, she joined her husband Gideon in developing, researching and studying the field of natural care. Founding BRIAA provided the perfect place to develop her unique talent and love of mentoring. Leading people to financial independence and success through the MLM method of operation.

Gideon Shneerson
Gideon ShneersonCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
In the previous two years he established and founded the company BriAA International. The years of experience and great belief in network marketing as well as the development of unique quality products led him to fulfill his dream and create BRIAA. Gideon works to promote and expand the Company’s operations in Israel and abroad, in order to make it one of the most successful companies in the world and a leader in its field.

Aviad Peres
Aviad PeresChief Information Officer
Over the years I gained knowledge and experience intertwined with professionalism and proficiency in all involved in the management of information systems. Perfected and advanced user experience IT technologies and interfaces high level of excellence and carried depth training teams in Israel and abroad while providing efficient and quality service.

Omer Levy
Omer LevyVideo Manager
From an early age, I had a very strong passion to the world of cinema, and with a special interest in special effects. With BriAA I am given the artistic freedom to create, I have the opportunity to bring my ideas into practice, thus promoting the company that I believe in very strongly and to give a piece of myself with every video we produce. If you too feel passionate for this field or just interested in how we produced one of the videos I’d be happy to assist you.