Skin Aging

Our skin, our body’s largest organ,
is most essential to our survival
as it shields and protects our bodily systems,
furthermore, it reflects our inner health & beauty.
The skin tissue’s structure may be divided into 3 layers:

Contrary to what one might think,
skin aging process starts right from the moment of our birth
even though its symptoms become apparent much later in life
The main influence factors are:

The combining factors affecting our skin in the modern era
Leads to the early appearance of signs of aging.

The main symptoms are:

Combining all the symptoms together is what creates the appearance of mature skin. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the main attributes of skin aging is wrinkles.
there are mainly two Types of wrinkles:

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In the past, treating the signs of aging would usually begin with the appearance of aging symptoms depending on age. With the advance of technology and science, it became clear that it is not less crucial to maintain preventive skin care routine long before the appearance of the first wrinkle.

In fact smart and preventive defense may prevent and delay by many years the signs of aging thanks to the powerful key components and technology, when integrated into daily skin care routine, are able to minimize the effects of environmental damage and free radicals and thus neutralize and postpone the natural aging process of the skin.

In addition, it is never too late to start treating facial skin. Today we can achieve dramatic impact on the skin and succeed to shed years away and restore youthful glow. 

Consistent and profound treatment, may successfully affect skin tissue, providing a rejuvenating effect by significantly reducing wrinkle severity. BriAA’s The beneficial complex provides powerful protection for younger skin, significantly postponing the appearance of aging symptoms.

Some components dramatic impact on the skin and allow to shed years of the skin and restore youthful glow.

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