Triple Action – Briaa’s 3 amazing masks!

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Triple Action – Briaa’s 3 amazing masks!

The package includes:

  1. BriAA’s Polishing MaskAn awakening boost of energy and freshness coupled with deep cleansing spheres for essential skin purification. BriAA’s Polishing Mask works in dual phases to ensure ultimate skin clarity whilst commencing magnified regeneration process. The extraordinary Polish Mask provides an extensive cleansing treatment for the skin, allowing for an effective regenerating process to commence. Skin’s upper layer is mostly composed of dead skin cells that completed their migration cycle from the deep Dermal tissue. The effective and thorough disposal of these dead cells is crucial for the healthy regeneration and growth of young skin cells. BriAA‘s Polishing Mask ensures that both mechanisms of renewal and deep cleanse work in perfect harmony. The first phase makes certain that the skin is deeply nurtured and invigorated. The HL-PAS Complex penetrates into the inner connective tissue, stimulating the synergetic activity of the matrix’s components, thus accelerating and strengthening cells renewal. The second phase is the actual polish of the skin, clearing and purging the pores of excessive oil, dirt and makeup residue. The skin is instantly revived and awakened, feeling smooth and soft. The Polish Mask keeps the ultimate hydration level of the skin promoting a noticeable natural glow of vitality. 
  2. BriAA‘s Thermal MaskBriAA‘s Thermal Mask is a professional skin refining tool for unparalleled results. It essentially relaxes the skin, and opens up the pores in order to facilitate the deep penetration of the HL-PAS Complex‘s fabulous nutrients directly into the Dermis skin layer. After the peeling of the dead skin cells and dirt, the skin becomes more vulnerable. It requires an immediate boost of moisture and nutrients to preserve the health and stimulate the growth of the new and freshly-exposed cells. The Thermal Mask promotes skin’s hydration whilst providing vital enveloping protection. This phase of the rejuvenating treatment prepares the skin and promotes its profound absorption capability for the following stage of dynamic Lifting Mask, thereby amplifying the active invigorating ingredients’ effect on the renewal of the skin. Once the Lifting Mask is applied in the next step, the Thermal Mask is activated thus generating intense heating sensation that magnifies the reviving and energizing effect that reconstructs the skin from within. The warmth fades away in a few moments, leaving the skin optimally ready for the accelerated youthful healing process. The Mask’s unique velvety texture allows for smooth and pleasurable application on the facial skin, providing true tranquility and enjoyment.
  3. BriAA’s intensive Lifting MaskA high performance replenishing formulation that restores the skin from within. BriAA’s intensive Lifting Mask fortifies the skin with the unique HL-PAS Complex of superb nutrients that stimulate dynamic strengthening of skin’s elasticity and resilience resulting in a magnified firming and tightening effect. The Mask penetrates deep into the connective tissue, responsible for skin’s tone, firmness and smoothness. The matrix is what pushes the skin upwards, thanks to fibers like Elastin and Collagen and extracellular molecules such as Hyaluronic Acid, which makes for a strong dense supporting net. The Dermis layer is also where cells’ regeneration process takes place, thus reaching directly into this layer, allows to generate profound changes in skin’s structure and strength. The Lifting Mask is designed to stimulate a powerful synergetic activity in the dermal tissue thereby generating skin’s accelerated renewal and restoration. The skin is able to reconstruct and revive itself anew, resulting in youthful qualities like smooth and tight complexion. The Mask induces the skin to recreate itself as if it was healing from an injury. Sophisticated mechanisms of restoration come into play and significantly rejuvenate the skin, providing a lifting and thickening effect, noticeable smoothing and vital youthful glow.

Launch price:483 NIS

Volume of Each Mask is:75ml

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