Royal System- Intensive Rejuvenating Solutions

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BriAA’s Royal System offers the utmost profound and extensive revival effect you can grant your skin. This extraordinary treatment was designed to bring about a dramatic change in the way skin aging is viewed today and thereby altering the proposed remedies. The system includes a total of 8 products; Cleansing Gel, 3 phases deep reconstruction and restoration Masks, a set of daily routine products for day, night and eyes care, and the Expression Serum for instant rejuvenation. The system provides fantastic changes in your skin’s appearance and texture, by inducing and accelerating skin’s renewal and regeneration mechanisms. Within weeks, the skin is totally and noticeably revived and rejuvenated, wrinkles are smoothed and reduced, skin is toned and shining with vitality. The system contains the Expression Serum, which provides a tremendous stretching and lifting instant effect. For immediate wrinkles’ reduction and long lasting lifting and awakening effect


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